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Just in! Fleabusters® Rx 3 lb. Cannister. Kills fleas in homes, carpets, offices, cars, everywhere! 

RxforFleasPlussmallPet Owners Choose Fleabusters┬«…And Here’s Why!

Fleabusters is a Brand Name That’s Recognized By Pet Owners and Recommended By Veterinarians

For over 20 years Fleabusters flea treatment services have provided flea-free homes for over 1.5 million pet owners throughout the United States.

Consumers and retailers trust Fleabusters because “It Really Works” and an unparalleled guarantee provides complete satisfaction.

Come by our store and purchase a canister today!

TIP: There are some natural ways to prevent parasites. As it turns out, mother nature does know a thing or two about making a pet’s blood naturally unappealing to them. Why not give these tips a try?

Feed your dog a healthy, natural diet and add supplements such as garlic granules to his food.

Treat your dog with protective spray consisting of essential oils: Peppermint and Orange

Check for fleas and ticks on a regular basis.

Learn more about fleas and how to protect yourself and your pet here

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