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Breed Profiles – Boston Terrier

Friday, April 30, 2010

The Boston Terrier

Hanging up the gloves—memoirs of a former tough dog.

By Marian Buechert | Photographs by Deborah Samuel
Modern Dog Magazine April 2010

It has all the makings of an Oscar-winning storyline. Raised a working-class tough guy from Boston, our leading man-upon being recognized for his intellect, dashing good looks, and utter potential-earns a place on the right side of the proverbial terrierNo, this isn’t a reference to Matt Damon in his finest writing and performing hour. It’s the story of the Boston Terrier.

The well-dressed canine kids we see in the passenger seats of minivans across the continent today are a far cry from Boston Terriers of old. In fact, Boston Terriers were originally bred for pit fighting. Like the local bar brawler in every hometown, the Boston Terrier was once a fearless fighter. However, unlike the hometown goon, this one-time scrapper grew out of his penchant for aggression and into a sophisticated little dude. Read More

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